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25 Great Grammar Poems with Activities

Imagine a team where each player is part of speech or punctuation.

The Capital Letter: UPPER CASE

My friends call me Upper Case.
I'm a capital letter.
I'm in your face.
I'm bigger. I'm better.
I'm easy to see.
You can't start a sentence
if you don't use me.

What else do I do?
I'd better mention
that I take positions
to draw your attention.
I send signals for you to sight
when you read
and when you write.
Every proper noun you see
begins with a capital letter like me.
And, my those nouns appreciate
the neat way I abbreviate.
Los Angeles becomes L.A.
Do you know the words for N.B.A.?


Think High Hook
when you look at me.
Then see my versatility.
Taking two words,
I'll make a subtraction,
and you'll have one word.
It's called a contraction.

I must confess
my strange obsession.
I join with "s" to show possession.
Now Nora can't claim Peter's poodles,
and Peter won't eat Nora's noodles.

Ah, yes, that's me!
I may look like a comma,
but I'm an apostrophe!

Copyright by Bobbi Katz

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