ISBN 0525471723
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March 2004

Please remember my poems are my property. Enjoy them but do not reprint them for other than classroom use.

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Pocket Poems was named a best book of 2004 by Parents' Magazine.

Pocket Poems

What if every kid could start the day with a rhyme, rhythms, and fresh images? What if poems were right there from wake-up time through breakfast? What if they continued on the way to school, in school itself-even lunch hour, recess, and after school silly time? Pocket Poems does just that all through the day until bedtime!

Most of the poems are short and easy to memorize, which makes the book perfect for "Poem in Your Pocket Day" or performing for school assemblies or Parents' Nights. The anthology includes such stars as Jack Prelutsky, Eve Merriam, Aileen Fisher, and J. Patrick Lewis, along with poems written especially for the book by newer poets such as Monica Kulling and Robin Bernard. The opening poem is by no other than me, Bobbi Katz:

A Pocket Poem

With a poem in your pocket
a pocket in your pants
you can rock with new rhythms.
You can skip.
You can dance.
And wherever you go,
and whatever you do,
that poem in your pocket is going there, too.
You could misplace your homework.
You could lose your left shoe.
But that poem in your pocket will be part of you.
And nothing can take it.
And nothing can break it.
That poem in your pocket
part of...

Copyright c2004 by Bobbi Katz

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