ISBN 0-688-16533-8
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Greenwillow/​Harper Collins
March 2007

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Trailblazers: Poems of Exploration

Slowly spin a globe. Notice how vast the oceans are! Yet airplanes can fly over them in a matter of hours. Imagine an earlier time. There are no maps. The globe is blank. What lies beyond the mountains, beyond the sea, beyond Earth's atmosphere? Who will risk life itself to find out? Who are making new discoveries right now? The brave men and women you'll meet in over 60 poems, some serious and some light-hearted in...Trailblazers: Poems of Exploration. You'll find dreamers, schemers, conquerors, patriots, pirates, scientists, teachers and even kids.

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illustrated by Carin Berger; Greenwillow/Harper Collins 2007
illustrated by LeUyen Pham; Harcourt Books 2006
illustrated by Marilyn Hafner; Dutton March 2004
illustrated by Susan Estelle Kwas; Dutton 2001
illustrated by Nina Crews; Greenwillow/Harper Collins 2000
illustrated by Joung Un Kim; Mondo Publishing 1997
illustrated by Steve Bjorkman; Scholastic 1996
Selected by Deak and Litchman; HarperCollins 2003
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