It is with sadness to announce that Bobbi has died.

Her memory will no doubt live on through through her gift with words and the legacy of her work.

There will be a Celebration of Life for Bobbi on May 8th, 2023 at the the Woodstock Jewish Congregation(WJC) from 11-1 p.m.
Please come in person or join online via Zoom.
For further details or to receive the Zoom video link please email Bobbi's daughter Lauri at:

The address of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation is 1682 Glasco Turnpike, Woodstock, NY 12498.
They kindly request visitors are fragrance free. Ample parking is available.

A heartfelt thank you to all those who enriched her life in many ways.

Bobbi is happy to be participating in Scholastic's global literacy campaign, Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.
To find out more about this important literacy campaign please click here.


The Monsterologist: A Memoir in Rhyme has been announced as a FINALIST for the 2009 Cybils, Children's and Young Adult Blogger's Literary Awards.

For more information on the Cybils please visit

For a full list of 2009 Finalists and award information here is a printable PDF
2009 Finalist & Info PDF

More Exciting News!
The Monsterologist; A Memoir in Rhyme received a Bookbinders' Guild Award at the New York Book Show!




At last the Puffin paperback edition of Pocket Poems is here. It's a perfect way to celebrate poetry month, and in particular, Poem in a Pocket Day, with the young people age 4-10 in your life. I collected brief rhyming poems from our best poets which follow a child through the day from waking up to bedtime. Marylin Hafner created perfect illustrations.

The original, and much more expensive, hardcover was cited as the "Best Poetry Book" of the season by Parents Magazine.

Here is a link so you can get your copy today! Pocket Poems [Paperback Edition]

More Pocket Poems is for every day, not just for Poem In Your Pocket Day.

Why not find a new treasure in this fun collection of poems!

Click image to learn more and to purchase.

A Pocket Poem

With a poem in your pocket
a pocket in you pants
you can rock with new rhythms.
You can skip.
You can dance.
And wherever you go,
and whatever you do,
that poem in your pocket is going there, too.
You could misplace your homework.
You could lose your left shoe.
But that poem in your pocket will be part of you.
And nothing can take it.
And nothing can break it.
That poem in your pocket
part of ...

Copyright c2004 by Bobbi Katz


Now available!

This lyrical tale of my daughter's yearning for a dog was first published by the Feminist Press in 1972. The NYTimes singled it out in a round-up of "feminist" titles for kids as being an authentic and convincing story. Canine behavior expert Sue Sternberg, who gives help to pet owners on National Public Radio says its her story, too.

Now beautifully re-illustrated in full color by Jane Manning, everyone, regardless of his or her age, who ever longed for a dog will know I really understand just how it feels.



What could you learn from a man who devotes his life to the study of monsters? Not just witches, ghosts, and vampires, but also invisible monsters. They might be hiding inside your own computer, your family's washing machine, or your town's library.

Dare to learn the truth from...

A Book of the Month Club Selection!

Praise for The Monsterologist: A Memoir in Rhyme

"Calling all young monster-wannabe's! If you want a blueprint for becoming Bluebeard or a crack at the Kraken, ghostwriter Bobbi Katz' memoir-in- rhyme THE MONSTEROLOGIST will provide you with the perfect job descriptions. Guaranteed to provide shivers and quivers (and giggles) galore!"
— Mary Ann Hoberman, Children's Poet Laureate, and author of A House is a House for Me

"THE MONSTEROLOGIST (a.k.a. Bobbi Katz) clamps a verse reverse half-Nelson on each of her ghouls and pins them in seconds flat. Her poetremendous lines, paired with Adam McCauley's trollishly clever illustrations, bring these beasties back from the dead and lock them in a room from which they will never escape your imagination."
— J. Patrick Lewis, author of Please Bury Me in the Library

"This book gives me the creeps! But that's a good thing, as Bobbi Katz brings monsters to life in this Who's Who of Monsterhood, from Grendel to the Golem, from Yeti to Kracken. And Adam McCauley's clever and audicious illustrations work hand-in-hand (or should that be claw-in-claw?) with the poems to create a match made in the nether world."
— Paul B. Janeczko, author of Hey, You! Poems to Skyscrapers, Mosquitoes, and Other Fun Things

Have you noticed how many people are reading, writing, and listening to poetry? Poetry Festivals featuring day after day of verse draw huge crowds. Why? Maybe we're so flooded by language, by endless sound-bites trying to sell everything from soap to politicians, that we're trying to give words new meaning. But imagine...

A Scarcity of Words

What if words were suddenly endangered
like cheetahs and pandas and elephants?
What if words became scarce,
the supply suddenly limited?
Would people panic, hurrying to say things
just to get them said
or would they hoard their thoughts like misers?
What if words were being used up so fast
that they had to be rationed
and you could only have a certain amount?
Which fifty, which twenty, which ten words
would you choose
to recycle, respect, repeat, replay,
write or say
if words were suddenly endangered... and precious?

Copyright c1995 by Bobbi Katz

Kids often ask me how a poem begins or where I get my ideas. Their questions gave me this answer.

Spider Work

I didn't mean to write a poem.
  A tingling starts a single spinneret
   I cast
     or may not rhyme
  beckoning me
   to weave
  a web of words:
a poem to house my spiderling.

Copyright c2006 by Bobbi Katz

Hafner c2003

Cat Kisses

Sandpaper kisses
on a cheek or chin-
that is the way
for a day to begin!

Sandpaper kisses-
a cuddle, a purr.
I have an alarm clock
that's covered with fur.

Copyright c 1974 Bobbi Katz

Selected Works

illustrated by Carin Berger; Greenwillow/Harper Collins 2007
illustrated by LeUyen Pham; Harcourt Books 2006
illustrated by Marilyn Hafner; Dutton March 2004
illustrated by Susan Estelle Kwas; Dutton 2001
illustrated by Nina Crews; Greenwillow/Harper Collins 2000
illustrated by Joung Un Kim; Mondo Publishing 1997
illustrated by Steve Bjorkman; Scholastic 1996
Selected by Deak and Litchman; HarperCollins 2003
Professional Books
Scholastic Professional Books 2006
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